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[title size="2"]Testimonials[/title]
[testimonial name="L. Blake" gender="female" company="" link="" target=""]“Sparkles did an absolutely fantastic job helping restore my home to one I can be proud of again. As a very buy college papers professional college paper writers tired Mum of a 5 year old and a clingy 4 month old I’ve been finding it hard to keep on top of things, so having that extra bit of help has become invaluable.

Sandi is very polite and I felt comfortable with her in our home. I’ll certainly be having Sparkles back regularly and will recommend to friends and family.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Suzie" gender="female" company="" link="" target=""]“Sparkles did a very nice job at my neighbour’s house. She is very busy and works away a lot and I am key holder. I arranged on her behalf for Sparkles to clean the house following a Facebook recommendation. What a brilliant job they did. Very professional, in and out very discreetly, no fuss just got the job done leaving a nice clean tidy house. Also, at very reasonable rates. I would definitely recommend them. Suzie.”[/testimonial]

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[title size="2"]More Testimonials[/title]
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[testimonial name="Donna Gladwin" gender="female" company="" link="" target=""]Thanks to Taryn my house was Sparkly clean & smelling fresh , looked lovely all ready for the weekend , looking forward to next weeks clean[/testimonial]

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[testimonial name="Sue Close" gender="female" company="" link="" target=""]“Sparkles did an amazing job on my house, the last tenant must have kept animals in the house and it was a complete mess, it now looks brilliant thank you Sandi xx”

[testimonial name="Bailey Construction Ltd" gender="" company="" link="" target=""] Sandi and her ladies have been cleaning our offices at Milford for a long time now and we are more than happy with their services.  They are punctual, efficient, and always leaving the place looking like new.  We use Sparkles on our builders cleans, domestic dwellings, anything that needs cleaning we call Sandi and her team.  We highly recommend Sparkles for your cleaning requirements.[/testimonial] 


[testimonial name="Jeni" gender="female" company="" link="" target=""]Well, what can I say other than “You guys saved my life”. Having recently had a baby via Caesarean Section, I was limited to what I can do the house was in desperate need of a makeover clean, by that I mean the niggly things such as light switches, shelves, skirting, basically all the deep cleaning that only us women notice! We also decided last min to put our house on the market, que panic stations!! I got in touch with Sandi at Sparkles and she manages to squeeze me in the day before the valuationer came to take pics! Sandi mailed me the day before and asked in detail what I wanted, she turned up the next day, with 2 staff and a checklist of what I asked! Sandi went through all rooms with her staff and showed them everything that needed doing. Sandi came back twice throughout the day to check and at the end went through everything in detail in the list! The ladies that came were amazing, did a great job of things that hadn’t been done in ages! My partner even commented how clean the house looked! This is a first, he never normally notices!! (He doesn’t know I had Sparkles in) so extra brownie points for me!!

Will be using you’re services again soon!

Thanks Sandi and team, buy college papers professional college paper writers professional service from the moment I contacted you.

Thanks xx[/testimonial]


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[testimonial name="Michelle Morrison" gender="female" company="" link="" target=""]Taryn is my regular cleaner, she has high standards which she demonstrates weekly. She is a credit to Sandi’s team and enjoys her work. Highly recommend.[/testimonial]

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